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About Us: Adults Service at 12 Rydalmere

Welcome to 12 Rydalmere, your little piece of heaven. Here we are dedicated to delivering our clientele with a wonderful experience that guarantees pleasure and satisfaction. Our ladies are hand selected on the basis of their beauty, poise and sophistication. They are known for their top class service and their passion to provide an unforgettable experience for their client.

Our friendly receptionists are focused on helping our clientele answer any questions or queries they may have and ensure that they receive the best service from our girls who love to have fun. Why wait? Come to 12 Euston St, Rydalmere. You will have such a wonderful experience here you will be excited to come back. Or call 9638 4221 to discuss any of your requests.

Address: 12 Euston St, Rydalmere, NSW 2116.
Telephone: 9638 4221

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